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Reach Python mastery faster!

​A scientifically proven way to learn Python 44% faster, build your new ​high-income coding skill, and put yourself on the road to Python mastery!

How to Become a

Grandmaster of Code?

​Read the Coffee Break Python​ ​​Book Series (​Lean​Pub #1 Bestsellers)!

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    ​What you can't measure, you can't improve. How can you ever become a master coder without knowing ​exactly how good you are?
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    ​The Coffee Break Python book series gives you a way of measuring your Python skill level between 0 (Beginner) and 2500 (Grandmaster). 
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    ​Learn about the unique formula: "A Python Puzzle a Day to Learn, Code, and Play!"

Hi, I'm ​Chris. I ​love coffee. And I hate wasting time.

​If you are like me, you want to know that you are getting the best ROI out of your learning time.

That's why ​​I created the "Coffee Break Python" book series--together with my friends and co-authors, Zohaib and Lukas​. ​​

​We use ​state-of-the-art educational research to improve your learning retention by 44%, boost your motivation with ​the new test-based Python learning system, and ​offer you a system that makes learning to code easy and fun!

More than 500,000 Finxter students have already improved their Python skills with our unique learning ​system worldwide.

​Here's How Puzzle-Based Learning Works...

  • ​Every day during your ​coffee break, you ​solve Python puzzles (for 10 minutes).
  • ​It's a game: ​find the correct solution to the puzzle​ to win more Python skill points.​
  • ​The more points you collect over time, the higher your skill level. Can you become a Grandmaster of Code?

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